And this is my second utterly gorgeous student, Peony (how beautiful is her name as well.It is my favourite flower!). Peony is a university student studying History of Art. She is friends with Rowan :)
In the photos below Peony is wearing a Peter Pilotto dress and of course that sweet little Hermes Birkin. Talking about Peter Pilotto has everyone seen the photos from the show? Those boys are complete geniuses: I loved the burnt orange colours although they did bear rather a strong resemblance to my mum's 70's kitchen (all orange and olive green) before she had it renovated the year before last!) and the leather accents were perfect. A completely wearable collection although I suspect (judging by past seasons) not affordable for most of us.

Edit: Okily, I know I lot of you were wondering what Peony was wearing in these photos so Peony was kind enough to email me the details:

Second 2 photos: "The cardigan is Zara, the belt is Gap kids (i have had it since i was nine, which means it is 13 years old!!!), the shoes are Russell and Bromley, the dress was Peter Pilotto and a huge spend for me (from his first collection before they were really a big deal), although the trench and fur wasn't included* it was a Burberry (and from the sample sale, it was £75, and both me and Rowan love to go to sample sales and often get our designer items from them) and the fur was vintage (and a gift from my mothers friend, it used to be hers, she is now in her 80s!)".

*I asked Peony if she wouldn't mind taking off her trench and fur because I loved her dress so much. Hence they aren't in the photos.

First 2 photos: "The hat was Joseph (a present from my mother), the scarf is McQueen (from Biechester village- this is an outlet village for any non-UK blog readers), the jacket is Hugo Boss, the Fur gilet is Zara, the trousers are American Apparel, and the shoes are Giuseppe Zanotti (on sale from Joseph).

In reference to the comments about my mini Birkin, it was a birthday present from my parents and it is second hand from a dealer in Hong Kong.....I am obviously incredibly lucky to have any of these things, but you can also see that not everything is designer, and I believe style has much more to do with person appropriation, of many different sources; vintage, thrift, designer, high street, in order to assimilate a great combination. I would never dress head to toe in any label, and I know Rowan wouldn't either (even if we could afford it)".

Brilliantly put, Peony, and I couldn't agree more. I think Caroline Issa (who is wearing customised Gap with designer in the photo a couple of posts above) is a perfect example of this.