Olivia Palermo rushing to the Christopher Kane show today. She looked absolutely incredible: perfect from the top of her head (love those loose curls-how did she manage such perfect hair in this weather? I looked like a drowned rat!) to the bottom of her super high heels. And she is sweetest, most patient person as well. We adore you Olivia!

p.s. I am completely and utterly exhausted. I spent from 9am until 4pm in the freezing cold today: wind, rain, sleet, London had it all today! I have never been so cold in my life: at one stage I really did think hypothermia had set in. I stood in the scalding hot shower for 25 minutes when I got home just to thaw out. Fingers crossed tomorrow will be a bit warmer. Otherwise I may just need to buy a new hooded coat....hmmmm now that doesn't sound like such a bad idea ;-)