Today was the last day today of London Fashion Week for A/W 2010. And while the weather was completely and utterly atrocious, I have to say that I had an even better time this year than last September. I think I was a little less stressed this season and, most importantly, I got to hang with the loveliest people.... you guys know who you are. Thank you for making me giggle, listening to me whinge and moan about the cold, allowing me to take your photographs, and just generally making my time at LFW so enjoyable. And a massive thank you to everyone who allowed me to take their photograph :)

So, what were the big trends off the runway? I am thinking hats (for the boys and the girls); lace-up heeled/wedged boots; fur (both real and fake); hooded coats, capes and anoraks; leather, leather and even more leather (skirts, shorts, jackets, trousers); Alexander Wang bags; super long, black fitted skirts (which were a challenge on the cobblestones when coupled with mile high heeled boots); black lace (skirts, leggings, bodysuits); red lips; studding and spikes on just about everything (I even saw a transparent raincoat today with spikes!); Chanel nail polish in Particuliere (or inspired by it, anyway). Oh, and, um umbrellas!

I have oodles of photos to show you over the coming weeks (and hopefully lots from Paris!) so stay tuned. p.s. This is the stunning Rowan (I hope I spelt that right) who is actually a student and isn't involved in fashion at all! She and her equally exquisite friend (whose photos I will post tomorrow) were just taking a coffee break and people watching when I spotted them. I absolutely adored what both girls were wearing.........nobody at my university ever dressed so beautifully. Loved Rowan's enormous Mulberry bag (which she told me contained all her notes and things for a presentation she had just given at university).

Rowan was also wearing a ice blue Alexander McQueen skull scarf around her neck which I know you can't really see. He might not be with us any longer but his incredible contribution to fashion will linger forever.