Y'all know Miss Susanna Lau aka Ms Susie Bubble. Susie is absolutely one of the most hardworking girls at LFW- I don't think I have ever seen her just standing around chatting. She is always on her phone, being interviewed, writing (for her blog and DazedDigital) or rushing to get to the next show. I bumped into her one morning (I was feeling very tetchy and sorry for myself as I had gone to bed at 1am and was up at 6am) and she told me she had been up until 4am writing. My five hours sleep seemed like an indecent amount compared to what Susie had (and I promise I didn't whine for the rest of the day;-))

p.s. Susie told me what she was wearing here but I promptly forgot it all except for her trousers: they are Coral tie-dyes from Acne (which I think she might have customised at the bottom). I LOVE LOVE LOVE Acne clothes (my favourite item from last season was the structured strapless dress, along with the Atacoma wedges). Spotted plenty of Acne wedges at LFW and the Extreme stripe dress.