Um, I totally forget this girl's name (really must remember to write descriptions of people in my little black moleskine instead of just names! I rarely forget a face or conversation but names I am utterly useless at) but I know that her man is a catwalk photographer because I spotted her on numerous occasions helping him carry his gear. Nice girlfriend :)I think this was my second shot from the first day of London Fashion Week. I think she said her jacket was from a department store in Shanghai.

Okay, so today was the 2nd last day of Paris Fashion Week for A/W 2010 and the day of two of the biggest shows: Chanel and Chloe. And guess who woke up this morning at 6am feeling completely nauseous and remained attached to the toilet bowl for the next 3 hours? Such bad timing for a bout of the stomach flu or food poisoning. Anyway, I was determined not to miss Chanel and managed to drag myself out of my p,j's down to the Grand Palais, where I am told the show was incredible: giant icebergs, models walking in fur coats and boats through water, artic temperatures (given the temperature outside was so bitterly cold, I can only imagine how chilly it must have been inside). I felt a little better after sipping some hot tea and resting inside for an hour or so, and was able to shoot at Chloe-yay! I am so thankful as I really didn't want to miss either of those shows. Talking about Chloe, everyone who saw the show said it was beautiful and wonderfully wearable but that you have to suit camel and caramel- and if you don't, then find a way! Camel seems to be the big colour for next season (this season it would have to be the utility/cargo/military green which seemingly everyone was wearing today.)

Tomorrow I leave to go back to London after the Louis Vuitton show, and then I will start posting Paris photos. Thanks for being so patient, and for leaving such lovely comments. I will reply to comments when I am back in London and also to emails cos I know a few of you have emailed me.