Alannah, who is Irish, and her super cute bike. I photographed Alannah and her bike last September as well- if you scroll back a couple of pages she was wearing a black leather skirt and cream top.

p.s. And Paris? Paris is incredible! The weather yesterday was bitingly cold (it was the wind which had us all shivering and muttering expletives) but the sky was blue and clear and the buildings in Paris looked magnificent. And I am sitting here typing and looking out the window of the little holiday apartment I am renting in St Germain (am on the 4th (Parisien) floor so it means a hike up a trillion stairs at the end of the day!) and it looks like it is going to be another beautiful day. There seemed to be 100's of photographers around this year all trying to photograph the same person (seemingly so many more than last September) so it has been challenging for me to try and get photos (or at least the style of photos I like to take). I am completely useless at trying to get "paparazzi" shots and they aren't the kind of images I want to take anyway. Anyway, I will show you my Paris photos once I get back to London and hopefully you guys will like them :)