My camera and I fell in love with Alice (and her equally fabulous sister, Molly, whose photos I will post later) and her outfit. I adore her sweet little red pinny and wonderful cape. It reminds me of a cross between what Marios Schwab (dirndl-esque dresses) and Topshop Unique sent down the runways. And does anyone else think she bears a striking resemblance to Chloe Sevigny?

p.s. Arrived in Paris yesterday morning to an absolutely cracking Spring day! And oh my, I almost passed out and went to fashion heaven outside the Christian Dior show yesterday- it was incredible! So many utterly gorgeous, fabulous, amazing women going into the show- I was in awe and didn't know quite where to point my camera. I don't think I got many shots (first day nerves?!) but I am just so happy that I got to see everyone-it truly is so exciting. Day 2 (for me) here I come!