Exquisitely pretty model Lily Donaldson and her most fabulous necklace! I have no idea where her necklace is from (perhaps an exotic market or souk somewhere?) but I am coveting it. Love how she has teamed it with the utility jacket and grey marle t-shirt.

In a weird twist, I actually had a meeting with Lily's dad, a photographer, about 2 years ago. I wanted to get some photographic assisting work experience and he was kind enough to meet with me. We had an interesting chat about photography, work etc and at the end I asked him what he thought of my photos (I had only really just picked up a camera at that stage.... they were my old flickr photos). Bad question! He told me he thought they were odd or bizarre (can't remember which!). I was utterly mortified at the time, shed a few tears and seriously felt like giving up on my dream. Still, I do recall thinking at the time that it was much better to have my work described as "odd" rather than boring :)