Mr Marc Jacobs after the Louis Vuitton show.

I really wanted a photo of Marc because last September I got whooshed aside by a plethora of photographers just as I was about to take his photo. I ended up getting a wee bit of Marc in the shot but mostly lots of cameras. So as soon as I spied him coming out of the tent this year, I scurried and was able to take this image without anyone else around and, miraculously, no one in the background- woo hoo!

And the show? Gosh, I so wish someone had gifted me a ticket- it was excruciating standing on the outside of the tent seeing the incredible water fountains shooting towards the roof and hearing the beautiful music but not being able to see the show. Luckily my friend Jo showed me some of the shots she took backstage and I was oohing and ahhing over the voluptuous ballgowns (helloooo breasts!), pretty fitted dresses with full skirts (helloooo waists!) and the full leather 50's circle skirts. And the models? Wow! Elle, Laetitia, Karolina, Bar and Jessica. I might not have been invited to the show but I am most pleased I got a shot of the genius behind it all: Marc.