Alexa Chung after the Louis Vuitton show. Alexa may I please borrow your delicious mulberry-coloured bag? And your shoes? And your jacket? (from the Spring 2010 collection). Actually, while we're at it, I might need to borrow your legs as well if I am to have any hope of pulling it all off!
p.s. I was assisting a photographer on a shoot with Alexa (I think it was for Lula magazine) the year before last, and she was absolutely lovely. Unfortunately I was mostly running around London the entire day returning bags of unwanted clothes from the shoot to agencies so I only got to see her being photographed right at the very end of the day (such is the glamorous life of an unpaid photographic assistant ;). I remember that it was super chilly though and I offered to get her a cardi and a cup of tea! Oh yeah, and I recall that the make-up artist (another Aussie girl) saying that her skin was so perfect that she hardly needed any make-up. *sigh*