The divine Ms Charlotte Dellal positively purrrrrrrrrrrring in her big-cat print coat. Oh and there is the small matter of her insanely gorgeous heels which are, of course, from her own brand: Charlotte Olympia. Do you see her earrings? They are tiny little spider webs just like she has on the bottom of all her shoes. Genius!
Embarrassing moment: When I spied her coming out of the show I got so (overly) excited that I squealed out "Oooooo Charlotte, you make THE BEST SHOES!!" in a really loud voice. Um, which given that we were in Paris, and given that I have a very strong Australian accent, was probably very noticeable. Oh well. I really do think she makes amazing shoes :)

p.s. Saw a really cute leopard trench from Australian label, Wheels&Doll Baby, in the January issue of Australian Vogue....think it was called Feline Fatale? I really don't think you can go wrong with a bit of leopard print action in your wardrobe. Although I will admit to owning a leopard print bodysuit in the 1990's which I think might have been a bit of a mistake: a walk on the wild side gone wildly wrong ;)