This is my super stylish friend Guerre from Swagger 360.

In another slightly odd story, I actually I met Guerre in late May last year as I was wandering around the Marais in Paris with my camera (I suspect I posted the photo in early June last year if you want to take a peek). I actually thought he was French and started asking him in my hopeless French (which normally involves a loud, confident Bonjour followed by the liberal and mumbled use of "le" in front of everything!) whether he would mind me taking his photo. And then I found out Guerre is actually from New York and has a street style blog over there. Anyway, we have kept in touch since then, and when I went to NYC in October last year, I was having coffee with my other friend Craig from AltaMira NYC when up walks Guerre! Bizarre!

I had the best time in Paris hanging out with Guerre, Craig and a few other really awesome people. For me, Fashion Weeks are like having an office job again, albeit for only a few weeks a year. As a freelance photographer, I spend a lot of time by myself, at home, working on photos without anyone to talk to (yes, I have made friends with the guys at my corner shop and the DHL delivery lady!). And I really miss the social interaction that working in an office brings. So during fashion week, it is great to chat, laugh and learn from my "colleagues" well as take oodles of photos, of course!

Anyway, enough waffling, I took these pics of Guerre in the Tuileries when a few of us were hanging out before one of the shows. Every day Guerre looked fab (I heard one guy describe him as very Ralph Lauren*) so I will post more photos of him later.

*most of what Guerre wears is well chosen vintage.