The super lovely Jo who I met last year outside the Chloe show in Paris in September (she was in the navy trench and deep red beanie if you want to scroll back through my old photos). Jo and her boss have been incredibly busy (leaving the studio at 2am has been c'est normal for them) preparing the accessories for the Louis Vuitton show. I was hoping to photograph Jo again this year but wasn't sure if I would have enough time (I had to catch a Eurostar back to London and Jo wasn't sure when she would be finished after the show). Happily we managed to find each other and I snapped these photos. Jo's dress? Isabel Marant! Sasha Pivovarova wore a very pale pink version (with an icy blue bow) on the spring/summer runway with the Dana fringed boots. Jo's boss bought it for her :)))))

p.s. Jo's blog is Curiouser and Curiouser.