Okay, so the title of the post is a teensy bit misleading as Daniella isn't purely a boho girl......she likes to mix up her style: a little bit girly, a little bit luxe-hippy, a little bit edgy but always, always accessorised. Piles of rings, strands of necklaces, geek glasses, hats: Daniella's room is a treasure trove of gorgeous things she has picked up on her travels. A stylist from Toronto Canada, Daniella loves to mix vintage with high street finds and a little bit of designer as well.

Daniella's long dress, denim shirt and hat in these photos are all vintage. And the mandarine/clementine? That was my daft idea! It got a bit squished in my bag on the way to Daniella's- ick!

p.s. I wanted to do a separate "I am running off to Australia" post but I am all out of time - I haven't even packed yet and my plane leaves in a few hours (hopefully with me on it!) Anyway, so I am heading off to photograph at Rosemount Australia Fashion Week in Sydney, and also going back to see much loved family and friends. I haven't been home for 3 years so I am a wee bit excited :)))) Very nervous about photographing in Australia as I haven't done it before (please everyone be nice to me!).

Hopefully I will have some Aussie pics to show you in a few days. I have a brand spanking new Apple laptop (my first piece of Apple equipment except for my ipod) which I have absolutely no idea how to use so bear with me if my photos look completely and utterly crap when I am away. It is going to be a bit hit and miss......please let me know if my photos look really odd (you can email me if you don't want to do it publicly!).

Right, now, off to pack, which will probably involve just throwing a heap of clothes in my suitcase and sitting down on the top of it to close it :)