So last year when we went to the US I got to visit Disneyland, which I have wanted to do since I was little. It was brilliant if slightly surreal. And yes, of course I desperately wanted to buy a pair of the personalised mouse ears because, you know, I could wear them out, um, everywhere! Like to do the grocery shopping, to pick up the paper and milk in the morning from the local shop, to drop off the mail at the postbox..... I could even wear them to all those fabulous parties that surely I would be invited to. Sadly my husband dissuaded me from the purchase on the basis that, really, I wouldn't ever actually wear the mouse ears and they would just sit on a shelf gathering dust (true!).

And I am so glad that I didn't buy them because now I am entirely in love with Rowan's* infinitely more grown-up version of the mouse-ears hat by Marie MerciƩ! How amazing does she look in it???!!!!

You can click on the collage to make it bigger. (I have now widened my blog but not sure if it still all fits on everyone's computer screens- so let me know if you are having viewing difficulties or it looks a bit shouty-crackers).You might remember Rowan and Peony who I met and photographed at London Fashion Week in February. I was fortunate enough to be able to shoot them for a project yesterday and afterwards we went back to Peony's apartment where I took these photos. OMG, I have not had so much fun in ages! Rowan and Peony are utterly hilarious and have the most incredible sense of style: they just put things together in ways that I would never even think of. The hat actually belongs to Peony (Rowan and a friend gave it to Peony for her birthday) but they borrow each others things all the time.

And Rowan's little H&M** t-shirt? A "just because" gift from Peony :) They really make me miss my best friends back in Sydney.

**At least I think it is from H&M- I was laughing so much and oohing and ahhing over all of Peony's beautiful things that I can't actually remember!