Despite the title, this isn't a post about The Red Bow (despite its serious gorgeousness factor). Nope, this is a post about the gorgeous Bip Ling who I met up with last week. You might have seen Bip in issue 2 of LOVE magazine, Vogue UK or DJ'ing and hosting club nights in hip places about town (like Shoreditch House & Hoxton's Macbeth Public House).

I first stumbled across Bip's blog last year and then lost track of her when my computer died (that is why you should not use "favourites" to keep track of your favourite websites) and then a couple of weeks ago I found her again (and weirdly we discovered that I know some of her friends!). Bip graduated from Central Saint Martins in 2008 and since then has worked in PR, interned in the art department at Vogue but is ultimately aiming for a career as a television presenter - she was co-presenter at London Fashion Week in Feb for T5M.

And Bip's style? Relaxed, comfy and just a little bit quirky :) She likes to steal* her Aussie boyfriend's clothes (the t-shirt she is wearing here is his, by Ksubi, which of course I was super excited about) and sometimes wears pieces her mama, the famous fashion illustrator and designer, Tanya Ling, has designed.
Her floaty, sheer trousers are a vintage pair, on their first outing, that she picked up a few months ago (with little American Apparel shorts underneath) and her shoes are Comme des Garçons for Converse high-tops.

Oh, and the red bow? PPQ!
*okay, so probably it isn't exactly stealing when you borrow stuff from your boyfriend.....although I guess it depends whether he ever gets it back or not!