Just after London Fashion Week, the super cool crew at Robinson Pfeffer PR and event agency invited me down to their East London showroom to check out the new collections. Stolen Girlfriends Club, Tina Kalivas, Zambesi, Thurley, Alpha 60 (some of my favourite Aussie and New Zealand designers) are just a few of the labels they represent.....mmmmm lets just say I didn't need a second invitation!

The agency was set up by Australians Kyle Robinson (pictured above, wearing Zambesi) and Andrea Pfeffer (in the collage, top left) who became friends in 1999 (their press release says they bonded over their "combined love of Serge Gainsbourg, poodle conga lines and all things kitsch" - I do not know what a poodle conga line is but I think I want one!) and then met up again 9 years later in London where Robinson Pfeffer was conceived.

Predictably I loved everything that the team showed me although I guess I now differentiate between what I personally would wear and what I would love to photograph (for example I completely adored the tiny little Stolen Girlfriends Club knitted shorts but I don't think I could have worn them even at 17!). Other stand out pieces were quirky jewellery by Toby Jones (see collage), pretty separates from Dress Up, some gorgeous scarves by Athena Procopiou of Shoot My Design and beautiful dresses by Tina Kalivas. And Zambesi? May I please have everything?

I took my camera with me and coerced (in the nicest possible way of course!) everyone into a little impromptu photo shoot wearing some of the new collections.