Tonight is my last night in Melbourne before I head for Sydney tomorrow and the start of Rosemount Australia Fashion Week. I cannot tell you how much I am just loving being back in Australia! I spent the first day giggling at the accents and Aussie sayings (I forget how strong my accent must sound to everybody) and being blown away by how friendly everyone is......not to mention the outstanding coffee (I think I am averaging 5 a day- NOT GOOD!) and food. We have been puttering around Melbourne in a little Smart car trying to visit as many cafe's as possible and, of course, all of my favourite boutiques: Belinda, Gorman, Scanlan & Theodore, Husk, Willow, Fat, Fiorina jewellery, Chambermaid, Le Louvre (conveniently located right next to our hotel!)....the list goes on and on. I will do a little post on my fav Melbourne places when I get back to London :)
T-shirt by Sass & Bide
On Chapel street