And the award for the most pathetic blogger goes too.......ME! I know, I know-I am completely hopeless at keeping y'all updated while I am away. My only excuse for not blogging while I was in Brisbane was that neither my mum, nor my husband's parents have internet access at home so we were reduced to sitting in Mcdonald's carparks around Brissie and madly checking our emails whenever we could. It almost did my head in not having web access (even Starbucks at Chermside Shopping Centre had no wifi-what's up with that???!). And um, I was sort of out every night catching up with friends while I was in Sydney :))Anyway, I got back to London yesterday and am slowly catching up on all my emails and looking through all my Aus photos.

What can I say about Australia? It is a bluddy great country, and I appreciate it even more now I have been away for 3 years. If you haven't visited Australia, start saving now-you will completely and utterly love it. The weather is fantastic (okay, so it is a tad warm during summer: maybe go during April/May if you don't like the heat), the food, coffee and wine are amazing, the people are just so warm and friendly (and fabulously healthy and fit looking!), the beaches are outstanding....I could go on and on :)

I was completely blown away by the girls I photographed during Australian Fashion Week: Bare, (fake) tanned legs, sky-high heels (I barely saw a flat all week), short everything (shorty shorts, shorty skirts, shorty dresses), toned bodies (hence the short everything!), glowing golden skin, designer handbags, colour (barely any black), exposed underwear are just a few words that spring to mind when I think about what I photographed during the week.

And the Overseas Passenger Terminal setting? Just beautiful. I feel so fortunate to have had such a beautiful location to photograph in. I really hope I get to go back again next year to do it all over again :)