Pretty, whimsical, edgy, feminine, modern but classic, simple but kind of complicated, is hard to define Dutch designer Maaike Mekking's A/W 10 Witch-Craft-Wo-Man-Ship collection. A jersey fleece biker sweater with corduroy detailing (which Maaike is wearing in these photos with vintage Levi's), classic jeans, a charcoal felt peacoat and a classic caramel leather cropped tee contrast with exaggerated jodhpur trousers and overalls, a nude mesh maxi dress and tribal tattoo print full-length body suit. Maaike invited me to her London studio back in late April, just before I was leaving for Australia (yes, I have been extremely tardy in getting this post up) to have a peek at her collection, and take some photographs.

Maaike was born in the Netherlands and attended the Fashion Institute Arnhem before moving to London and completing a MA in womenswear at the Royal College of London. She had contemplated a career as an artist (painting) but realised she loved the three dimensional aspect that fashion design allows. On graduation, Maaike worked for Alberta Ferretti, Giles and Alexander McQueen before starting her own label which is now in its third season. Maaike's inspiration comes from vintage books (I loved the traditional Dutch costume book she had open on her desk in the bottom collage), photographs, music (she dj's with her boyfriend and has an impressive collection of vinyls at her studio) and London itself.

We took some photographs in Maaike's studio in East London (with her incredibly cute pup in attendance), and then made our way to the roof to take some more shots. Which was fab.....but unfortunately I have an incredible fear of heights (and especially any kind of heights involving ladders) and, rather mortifyingly, I kind of got stuck on top of the roof! The lovely Maaike eventually coaxed me down (admittedly after I had asked whether she thought the fire brigade might come and rescue me!) and I went home, body and camera intact, to a lovely, soothing aperitif :)