Good Bye New York, Hallo London!

So I am back in London again. New York is the most amazing, incredible, vibrant place but boy, was it tough during fashion week. The whole experience still feels slightly surreal (probably that is the jet lag kicking in)..... I described it to my husband as feeling like a lion has ripped off my leg, gnawed on the carcass and lazily spat out the remains.

New York has the most beautiful light (except in the middle of the day when it is really harsh- I even got sunburnt), so many gorgeous girls and fantastic backgrounds but I found it challenging to make everything happen together at once. Sometimes I felt like I was spending more time travelling between shows (and getting lost on the subway) than actually doing any photography!

Marina Munoz, stylist.

P.S. The lovely girls at Lucky magazine asked me to shoot some street style for them during New York fashion week. You can take a peek at who I photographed over on the site.