I know, I know.

Even my mum has called me up to ask me where I am!

Well, I am back in blogging land, and it feels good.

The last week has been rather dreadful with some very, very sad news about a friend back home in Australia, and we also had to move into a hotel due to our fireplace partly collapsing (long story but there was a concern about asbestos). Home again now, and extremely happy to be back in my own bed.

And the fashion weeks? What I can say except phew, I am so glad that is over for another few months!

p.s. This is Ambre who I kept called Amber! Sorry Ambre! She is a student and friends with my lovely Parisian friend Lea :)

Thank you to everyone who left lovely, amusing, encouraging, helpful comments during the fashion weeks on my blog, or sent me emails. I read them all and they make me feel happy! Thaannnnnk you!!!!