Peony, 1/3 of PRP blog (which stands for photographing real people and also Pete, Rowie and Peony, the creators behind the blog) which popped up during London Fashion Week (and who doesn't love a good pop-up?!). The blog is still up so be sure to check it out and find out what PRP got up to during the week.
I have been dithering over posting photos of Peony and Rowie (I have their outfits from each day at LFW!). I think once someone I have photographed becomes a friend, I find it more difficult to choose photos....I never want to disappoint or have them hate their photos! So I just procrastinate and procrastinate...
p.s. I was over at Peony's house last week for afternoon tea (homemade Ottolenghi carrot cake, and cupcakes-helllllllllllloooooooooo!) and was lamenting the current state of my hair (which ever so slightly currently resembles a blonde birds nest). Peony swears by Philip Kingsley products (which I already use) but insists that the way to get gorgeous hair (and hello, look at hers!) that I MUST start brushing my hair twice a day. Um, I have to confess that I haven't brushed my hair twice a day since high school. I am a once a day girl. Anyone else just brush once or am I just horrifically lazy?!