In love with this colour combination and the softest beige-y, pink coat.
p.s. got back from NYC yesterday morning, completely exhausted, but totally in love with the city. It was my best time yet despite (or perhaps because of?) the freezing cold and the hideous combination of jet lag/insomnia that seems to afflict me. The light was incredible, the snow in central park just so beautiful, the food awesome and the people so friendly (well except for the shouty cracker woman in the supermarket late one evening!). I just wish I had longer to photograph- both at fashion week and my personal work on film. I suspect that even a month long break in New York would not be enough :)
My favourite things in NYC this trip: Tamu's black Christian Louboutin heels (they were soooooo high!I am still in disbelief that she was able to walk in them let alone use her camera!); Maya's Celine coat (so gorgeous, and very Maya); Candice's red Celine handbag (a surprise Christmas gift from her mama in Australia); Bond No.9 Saks Fifth Avenue perfume (two photographers were wearing it on the same day and it smelt so wonderful on both of them. Have decided it will be my next fragrance purchase); Brooklyn Farmacy and Soda Fountain (sooooo yummy and such a great retro space); Levain Bakery on the Upper West Side (insanely good chocolate peanut butter cookies- get them while they are still warm-ish); Schnipper's Quality Kitchen (burgers were awesome); Mario Batali's Eataly; Stumptown Roasters in the Ace hotel (I went to the pop-up shop in Amsterdam last year and thought it was great. The space in the Ace is even better); The view back to Manhattan from Brooklyn (I would never tire of it); and all the great girls who let me take their photo :)