Y'all know Tamu: she has the beautiful, beautiful blog All The Pretty Birds, amazing personal style and most importantly, she is a truly wonderful person. All those photos you see of Tamu smiling and laughing? That really is Tamu (well, of course it's her but you know what I mean....that is just her personality). And I am so lucky that I get to call her my friend :)

So I am so tremendously excited that Tamu has been named the Director of the soon-to-be launched Grazia.IT! (This is BIG, really BIG!) I will let you know once it launches, but in the meantime you can check out Tamu's diary (all in black and white- gorgeous) here.
I LOVED Tamu's neon yellow Miu Miu dress (and her Miu Miu shoes) after Louis Vuitton.....and I wasn't the only one who adored it: numerous editors were oohing and ahhhing over it as well! Note the tiny lime green belt circling Tamu's (tiny) waist- so sweet. I think Tamu also shows how to wear this season's neon brights (ie tone down everything with camel) without looking OTT.

Neon, Neon, Neon yellow! With Camel