Miss Clara Gomez, Fashion Illustrator, for Grazia.it.
You can read Clara's interview with Grazia.it here. Find out where she finds inspiration for her illustrations and her favourite shopping address in London.
I first met Clara way back in 2009. I was wandering around Notting Hill on a Saturday trying to find people to photograph for the blog when I came across a girl sitting in the window of the Diane von Furstenberg store surrounded by coloured pencils, pretty trays of paint and brushes. Like a bowerbird attracted to all those bright, shiny things, I stood for a little while watching her.....she was illustrating customers in the outfits they had just purchased. Fascinated, I asked the manager if I could take some quick photographs of Clara while she worked on her beautiful drawings. He (I think it was a he!) said yes, and that was how I came to know Clara :)
Clara is one of those people who has so much good energy (I think being Spanish helps!) and is such a pleasure to be around. And she is a talented fashion illustrator as well. You can find her work here and on her website here. Clara was commissioned to illustrate the booklet that went with the Spanish edition of "The September Issue" dvd as well as the costume that Robbie Williams wore in the video You Know Me.
And Clara's style? Vintage all the way baby! When I walked into her room it was like walking into a well curated vintage store. Long dresses and 70's style trousers hanging from a rail suspended from the ceiling; necklaces, bracelets and rings spilling prettily out of her dressing table; vintage handbags nestled next to winter coats. And of course on the walls were framed prints of Clara's illustrations.
Clara's dress in the first photographs is vintage from Paper Dress Vintage in Shoreditch, teamed with Office heels, American Apparel hat and jewellery from Spitalfields market.
Her tank top is from Topshop, the denim skirt is a vintage one procured from her mum (she used to wear it in the 80's!) and her shoes are from Urban Outfitters.
How crazy good is her hair?! And her smile :)
Dress she picked up at a vintage store in Amsterdam while she was there for a music festival last year.
p.s. you can click on the collages to make them slightly bigger.