Miss Lucy Williams for Grazia.it.
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So if you have been to London Fashion Week, or even if you haven't, probably you would be familiar with Lucy. She is one of those beautiful girls that everyone wants to photograph: all long blonde hair, cute hat, leather biker jacket and great big smile. Pick a street style blog, and a photo of Lucy will more than likely be on it (she has been on my blog numerous times). I even randomly came across a photo of Lucy on a wedding blog in the US!
Lucy is a fashion and beauty assistant for Stylus.com (a new online design inspiration platform) and she also has a fantastic blog spilling over with beautiful, inspiring images called Fashion Me Now. Lucy doesn't really do posts on her own outfits but maybe you could convince her to do a couple now and then ;)
Lucy's leather jacket is from Topshop, as is her singlet and the wide leg trousers are from River Island. Her cross was a gift.
Lucy is one of those girls who manages to always look so effortlessly cool. When she opened the door to her apartment all tanned from a recent trip to the beach in Wales, dressed in a striped t-shirt and rolled skinny jeans, bare feet, and with her wrists encircled by Daisy chakra bracelets, friendship bands and other jewellery she has picked up on her travels- it was one of those moments when I was like um, hellllooooo, did I accidentally make an appointment to photograph Sienna Miller today?! She has that boho/hippy/rock-n-roll/whateveritiscalled look that Sienna, Erin Wasson and Kate Moss pull off so well.
One of my favourite pieces from Lucy's awesome and overflowing (with tiny denim shorts, black motorcycle boots, sheer dresses and tops) wardrobe was these candy-floss pink Isabel Marant shorts (you know the one's Gisele has on in the Isabel Marant advert's?). I loved everything about them including the ribbon lacing them up at the front- they managed to look cute, and hot all at once.
Lucy teamed the Isabel Marant shorts with a sweater from Zara and boots from Kurt Geiger.
I couldn't let the shoot end without getting end without Lucy putting on a hat! This one is vintage.
The black kimono top in the first shots is from Zara.
Lucy's gold watch is Michael Kors.
Striped t-shirt (vintage), H&M jeans. Most of Lucy's jewellery she has picked up while travelling but she does recommend Indian Summer and Thailandia in Fulham, London for jewellery that looks like you have picked it up from a market in some exotic, far-flung location.

Love the black skull and white puppy on Lucy's window sill, and her collection of black boots.
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p.p.s check out the little photo of Lucy in the mask which I made her put on. puwrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!