Miss Verity Pemberton for Grazia.it.
Okay, so you probably recognise the background of these photos from Cara Dawson's Grazia.it feature (I was hoping to be a bit tricky and pretend I hadn't photographed two girls at once but I suspect you guys would have figured it out.....particularly as the bottom collage is Cara and Verity together!).
Anyway, at the beginning of April (when the magnolia trees and cherry blossoms still had flowers), Verity invited me over to her family home so I could photograph her and Cara. You can find the full interview with Verity on Grazia here.

And I have to say I was absolutely blown away by Verity and her family- they are all so incredibly talented (I only met her three sisters but I hear her brother is equally creative). I had only ever spoken to Verity via email before so for her to invite me over, make me lunch (delicious roasted vegetable couscous) and let me photograph her (teddy bear and all!) was pretty cool. Verity has a fantastic blog called They Don't Know Yet where she describes herself as "Designer and Stylist who lives in a wardrobe, Likes shopping at 6:30 in the morning with a torch. Editor and Founder of Don't Know Yet Zine. Loves Fashion...A Bit Too Much- KAPOW!". You have to love a girl who says Kapow like she means it ;)
Verity is an Assistant Designer at Urban Outfitters and also a freelance stylist (she made Florence and The Machine's space costume for Bestival on the Isle of Wight, styled Daisy Lowe for the Topshop green issue zine). Oh yes, and she is also the editor and founder of Don't Know Yet zine. The little fanzines, which Verity started as a teenager, have contributions from Verity (styling, photography, illustrations), her friends (including the photographer Valerie Phillips) and sisters. Verity's blog is basically a condensed version of the zine: daily-ish snippets of inspiration about fashion, interiors, shoots she has styled and things that make her laugh (like sweets shaped like burgers!).
And Verity's personal style? Verity's room is filled to the max with so many amazing pieces, a lot of it vintage. You could literally go shopping in Verity's room! She loves hunting for pieces in car boot sales (hence the shopping at 6:30am with a torch- you have to get there early for the best finds) or on Portobello Road.
For our shoot, Verity wore dress by Peter Jensen, heels from Topshop, leather shorts (underneath) she made herself, and a leopard print hat from Urban Outfitters.

Her t-shirt is from Urban Outfitters, trousers vintage Missoni and most of her jewellery is vintage along with a Dominic Jones ring and a Low Luv ring.

Verity and Cara....um, up a tree! Clearly I have some odd ideas at times ;)
p.s. you can click on the collages to make them a little bigger.
p.p.s Verity's 17 year old sister Amelia makes the super cute dolls called Doobydolls which she began making at 12! Hilary Alexander, Florence Welch, Giles Deacon and Jane Birkin all have their very own doobydoll. This family is so crazy talented.