Miss Louise Ebel aka Miss Pandora for Grazia.it.
Walking into Louise's beautiful Paris apartment is like being admitted to an intimate french salon from another century: deep vermilion* walls, gold framed artwork, towering fronds of peacock feathers, gilt candles, piles of art books stacked on the floor, scatter cushions in jewel colours tossed on the bed, ivy climbing the walls, an antique crown nestled on the sideboard.....and then there are the sky-high heels from Gucci and Christian Louboutin! I am quite sure that had Gucci and Louboutin been around in the 18th century they would have been worn by the women at the salon gatherings.
You can find the interview with Louise including her favourite places to shop in Paris, her inspirational muse and her next holiday location on Grazia.it here. I took my first photo of Louise way back at men's fashion week in Paris in 2009. And since then I have been smitten. Louise has a personal style which is entirely her own- I don't know anyone else who can pull off a halo of flowers, a top hat, an antique crown or diamante headband during the day and look entirely appropriate. You can tell she knows what suits her (lots of floaty, silky, sheer fabrics- you should see the incredible party dresses on the rail in her bedroom!) and wears it with confidence and conviction. Her style influences come from the runway, movies, music, art (she is studying art history at university in Paris) and literature but one thing is constant: her gorgeous collection of silver rings "my own menagerie...of animals and insects" which she wears piled on her fingers (with pretty blue fingernails on the day of our shoot). She buys them from a store specialising in mythology, La Mandragore, on rue Saint Placide, Paris.
What was Louise wearing for our shoot together?
Sheer oriental, kimono romper from ASOS, diamante belt from Shourouk and heels from Gucci (which I know you can't see in these photos).
Cream dress (below) from Topshop.
I always wondered what people do with those peacock feathers I see them struggling home with from markets. Louise's reception room suits them perfectly. Love this antique headband. So beautiful. Dress from Mango, belt from Topshop. Ysterike dress, American Apparel Hat and Belt. Boots from Topshop. I adore the way the dress shows off Louise's anchor tattoo.
*vermilion used to be one of my favourite colours in my Derwent coloured pencil set when I was little. I think I liked the name more than anything!
p.s. you can click on the diptych's and horizontal images to make them a little bigger.