Eyelash Curler:
It your curls, extra oomph and make your eyes look larger. Make sure your lashes are dry to begin with, or they won’t curl. Start at the base of the lashes, and press and hold for ten seconds. Curl again, central through the lashes and then finally at the tips. Make sure you curl before mascara to prevent lash fissure.
Mascara Base:Prep thin lashes with a coat of clear base to lengthen and plump them before layering with mascara. Primers can also put off clumping, set the curl in lashes and help mascara last longer. Remember to let it dry before applying mascara.
Eyelash Comb:
To remove clump and excess mascara, comb and separates lashes before mascara dries.
Lash Extenders:
These are made of natural vegetable thread that, when applied, extends past the lash to lengthen it. Apply your mascara, then coat with lash extenders before your mascara dries. Apply a creamer mascara or one that is not water-resistant.