Is associated with Mehendi (Mehndi) a lot of things - good design is a dark mark on the good fortune of the couple in marriage. It is common for the names of the bride and groom to be hidden in the design of Mehndi, and the wedding night can not commence until the groom and found the names. Some examples of images used in the traditional popularity of Mehndi designs are the peacock, the national bird if India, the lotus flower, and an elephant with trunk raised, which is the symbol for good luck.

Of the hands adorned brides, to being used to make hip tattoos on arms and bellies, Mehendi / Mehndi or Henna has gone international. Once a custom usually Pakistani and an indispensable part of the brides makeup, Mehendi has gone global, thanks to the attention that gets through stars like Madonna, no doubt, and Björk.