Tory Burch, Backstage, Tuesday September 13, 2011.

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Photographing models after the shows is always fun but being backstage and seeing them transformed with beautiful make-up, hair, amazing clothes and styling is just plain magical. It is almost as if once they step (or are pulled and prodded!) into their first looks the girls transform into character.... all thoughts of exhaustion and stress are banished and replaced by nervous excitement* and adrenaline as they wait their turn to walk down the runway.

Despite beginning her label in 2004, this was Tory's first runway show and I am so happy that the team invited me** to capture a little part of the backstage action. Rather selfishly I guess, I like doing this type of photography (documentary?)*** for brands that I would wear myself or who have an aesthetic that I find inspiring. And in the case of Tory Burch, I loved every. single. delicious. piece that they sent down the runway. It was truly captivating. I wanted to run off (with Arizona, Lindsey, Codie, Ruby and Jourdan et al. in tow) to the south of France to shoot each piece by the seaside :)

*with probably a small amount of terror depending on how high/slippery/ridiculous the shoes are. Thankfully all the shoes at Tory Burch were beautiful and utterly wearable: fringed golf loafers/espadrilles and sweet little pointed flats tied with bows.

**Actually I think I invited myself along!

***Clearly the backstage photographers have nothing to fear (I don't think blurry artistically soft?! photos are quite the thing people are looking for!) but it was lovely to do something a bit different. Next week on look out for backstage at Margaret Howell in London.