Nissan X-Trail with modifications made by a subsidiary of Nissan accessories, Autech.

The most Obvious modification of course part of the face. Where Autech already eliminating from its Nissan grille emblem logo Which now has a firm line with Chrome Accents.

Also on the Nissan X-Trail version of this Autech, Nissan did not pin a roof rack on its roof, but it Seems in view, does not eliminate the aura of its sporting and explorers.

Cabin space no different with the standard version, only semi-covered seats are black leather, further confirms the sporting aura in the cabin.

X-Trail 2.0 engine is equipped with six-speed manual transmission. Therefore, if not Previously tested the manual X-Trail, Will Be a bit surprised by sequencing its gears. Sign in first gear and put together backward direction, it's just special to retreat, before directed, firstly it Should be slightly raised ring on the lever gears, so they want cans retreat.

Parking sensor also reads, is also a distinguishing feature of the same variant in the standard version. Very useful if you want to park your SUV is not exactly small.

Although the transmit manually, but do not worry you will from the afternoon Quickly feet, Because of his clutch pedal was soft and bite, so for any beginner, machine dead symptoms Can be minimized.

Thus, with a sporty and youthful appearance, driving a Nissan X-Trail this manual always wanted demeanor as stepping on the accelerator, acceleration Because its quite addictive.

But, even if treated harshly, Nissan X-Trail from Autech manual transmission is still friendly in the bag when it should stop at the gas station.

And although the cars are categorized as explorers, but that does not mean the X-Trail can not pamper its passengers, with a soft suspension system but stable.

With a price less than $ 30,300, the X-Trail Autech could become an alternative for those of you who get bored with the standard view.

X-Trail Autech (left) and standard X-Trail.