Khloe Kardashian and her husband, Lamar Odom are now celebrating 2 years of marriage, and now they are planning to have children, and this to complete their families.

In an interview for the day view by Hoda Kotb talk about infertility, sexual life, and more ...

Everyone deserves a life in the presence of a beautiful wife, and the physical condition is good and what is more important than being healthy to be able to overcome everything with it!

She said:

"We like to have kids. It is very difficult," said Kotb. "I did not know about ovulation and a limited amount of time you have to get pregnant. I did not know about that, no one knows than ever to me. When you have tables like ours, it's really hard to reach that mark, so it's frustrating but certainly, I want to have kids. It's scary [thinking], "Oh my God, what if I can not have children physically.