Miss Joanna Broomfield for Grazia.it.

One of the highlights of my recent trip back home to Australia (apart from visiting family and friends of course!) was photographing 5 super cool girls for Grazia.it. And Joanna is the first of the features to go live (yay!). So head on over to Grazia to find out Joanna's fav places to shop in Sydney, how her experience in Australia's Next Top Model Competition has changed her life(more on that in a minute), what tracks she is currently chilling to on her ipod and her perfect way to spend the day.

Sooooo some of you Aussie readers might recognise startlingly beautiful British model Joanna from Australia's Next Top Model competition where she came sixth in the competition out of 16 other girls. So amazing and I am immensely proud of her (in retrospect, as I didn't meet her until the day of our shoot!). Joanna has already achieved brilliant things in such a short period (she landed the cover of Frankie magazine -one of my favourite Australian publications-just before I photographed her) and I know she has a fabulous modelling career ahead of her. I kept telling Joanna that she has to come back home to Britain (she grew up in the UK and moved to Adelaide, Australia in her mid-teens) as I think she would do brilliantly over here.

Anyhoo, so Joanna now lives in Sydney and I headed on over to her house to photograph her in a few of her favourite outfits. Joanna lives with three other models, two of which were in Australia's Next Top Model competition with her (the surfboard in the photographs belongs to one of her flatmates.......and if he reads this, I promise it absolutely wasn't us who put a ding in the surfboard. It was the wind! Honest;) Can you imagine what parties at their house must look like? Beautiful faces, bodies and limbs everywhere :)

Joanna's style is, in her words, "androgynous and grunge" although I would add in "accessoried with quirky, feminine pieces like rings and necklaces". She loves trawling the various weekend markets in Sydney for vintage finds (find out where she is currently enjoying hunting for one-off pieces in the Grazia.it article) and likes Zara for basics (who doesn't?!) plus Australian label Saxony for investment pieces like the leather shorts in these photos.

And before you ask, yep, Joanna has a blog! So head on over to Blogfield.tumblr.com where Joanna posts snippets of things and people that inspire her (like musicians, photographers, and fashion) as well as documenting her own creative journey. As you might have guessed from the guitar in the photographs, Joanna is also a wonderfully gifted musician (and a great cook!) - she sings and plays guitar- and her New Year's Resolution is to post some of her own music on her blog.

So what was Joanna wearing on the day of our shoot?

Red shorts and white shirt (Zara)
Black dress (Saxony)
T-shirt (vintage) and black jeans (Levi's)
Black shirt (vintage) and black leather shorts (Saxony)
Jeans, jacket and shirt in the last photos (Levi's) and brown boots (Wittner).

Thank you to Joanna for being so, so easy to photograph (she really is super chilled and lovely) and a massive thank you to Joanna's awesome agent in Sydney, Priscillas, for hooking me up with Joanna.