Falling snow + NYC + bouncy curls + perfect red lips =  all the things I love to shoot!

I was so excited when it started to snow in NYC....I couldn't sleep properly the night before, and when I looked out the window on the Saturday morning and tiny specks of snow were falling onto the fire escape, it was one of those yeehaw moments! I have never seen snow fall in NYC before - last February was my first winter season at NYFW and while there was lots of snow on the ground, it didn't actually snow while I was there.

I took a cab uptown and made the driver let me out at Central Park so I could take all the prettiness in...the park looks beautiful any time of day but to see it in the early morning with snow falling was pretty damn special. And then I got to Lincoln Centre just as the models from the Ruffian show were coming out....the hair, the red lips, the snow. So much loveliness to photograph.