Sadly my bottom has never looked like hers (insert long, slow, heavy sigh) and as I am, um, celebrating* getting another year older today I very much doubt that a perfect bum is going to miraculously appear on my person.

However, that has never stopped me from wearing super pretty knickers or undies as we like to call them in Australia (I can never bring myself to say the word "panties"- it just sounds dirty!). Sure, support knickers (love the M&S ones) and Bonds reassuringly-cotton underpants feature heavily in my top drawer but there is nothing like pulling on a pair of frilly, sheer, pretty knickers to make me feel super feminine and, well, sexy. And if there is a bow involved especially at the back or tying up the sides? I am in heaven :)

Which brings me to the lovely Poppy Sexton-Wainwright and Lauren Skerritt who are the girls behind the label Beautiful Bottoms. Poppy and Lauren met while studying at Newcastle university and started the label while in their final year after discovering that they both shared a love of lingerie. I stumbled across their label a couple of weeks ago and last week the girls invited me (actually, I think I invited myself!) to look at their collections at their studio in London. The girls' mission is to create affordable, pretty knickers, cami's and bras that are meant to be seen: a beautiful floral-print bra peeking out of a summer dress, a glimpse of a frilly knicker beneath a pair of low-riding jeans, a vintage-print georgette camisole beneath a cashmere cardi.....

Beautiful prints, playful frills and bows......if my husband is reading this, I wouldn't mind some Beautiful Bottoms (and a beautiful bottom while we're at it!) for my birthday :))

*celebrating might be too strong a word here! I think I shall start subtracting 2 years off my age, starting today!