But when celebrities are caught on camera behaving badly, what impact does this have on the label behind the nice designer clothes they are wearing?
Generally the case is "all publicity is good publicity" and because of this designer clothing labels will benefit from the misbehavings of those celebrities. Many clubs and bars disallow entry to people wearing brands like Henry Lloyd, simply due to the publicity caused by famous people that wore that clothing brand and acted like hooligans, for lack of a better term.
Ultimately I would consider celebrity fashion a positive however, with a certain MTV presenter wearing clothing by a relatively underground brand here in the UK; It gives great exposure and celebrities often give their opinions on music, film, politics and the like, so why should they not express themselves visually also?
Huge online clothing store ASOS prides itself on bringing celebrity fashion to the man (and woman) on the street, so it's clear that there is a massive market for this kind of clothing.
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